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One of Carlton Ware's rare and unusual Handcraft Art Deco patterns, "Holly" on a large Baluster Vase.  The brightly coloured "peacock" shaped leaves and swirls in blue, ochre, yellow and red are on a deeper ochre and brown ground.  The vase is 7" high & carries the Carlton Ware Script backstamp, pattern no 3418. [There is a manufacturing very slight spotting to one part of the red leaf.]



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One of the most prettiest of Carlton Ware's handcraft patterns and one of the most deco of shapes.  A "Wisteria" pattern on a velox bowl on a pale lilac ground with the pink, mauve, lilac and green wisteria pattern covering the bowl and a bright green foliage garland at the base and turquise edged rim.   The base legs have been decorated in the green leaf foliage and there is a green band circling the base at the top of the legs.  Blue Carlton Ware Handcraft Script backstamp, Pattern No. 3844.  5.5" high by 10.6" diameter.


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A really bright Carlton Ware rectangular handled dish in the deco Gazania pattern, the flowerheads in blue yellow and mauve and the multi coloured foliage surrounded by a wavy band of lilac and jade, edged in bright apple green.  The wavy pattern and colours are again repeated on the base.  Black Carlton Ware Handcraft Script backstamp, Pattern No. 3592.  3.3" high by 12" long and 7" wide.

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An unusual Carlton Ware Vase in the Fantasia pattern on a powder blue ground.  What is rarer is the canopy of lilac flowers and leaves running around the top of the vase so that the whole vase is smothered in pattern and colours.  6.5" high x 3.9" rim diameter.  Black Carlton script backstamp.





This  very-Deco shaped Carlton Ware's "Babylon" pattern Vase is on the more usual green lustre ground.  It measures 6" high by 5 3/4" diameter and bears the black Carlton Script backstamp, pattern 4125.





Unusual to see Carlton Ware's Art Deco "Bell" on a Rouge ground on this glamorous ginger jar, which it shows off the bright enamelled flowers well. 17cms high with Carlton Script backstamp.


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A Carlton Ware Art Deco "Diamond" Shape Vase with the Sketching Bird pattern, no 3952 on a powder blue ground. This is an unusual shape as only the top is diamond shaped with the forward point of the diamond above the bird. Plenty of coloured enamels and gilt with a gilt frieze on the inside rim of the vase. Height 5" by 3 3/4" diameter. Black "Script" backstamp.


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This  stunning Carlton Ware Art Deco Vase is in the Persian Garden pattern on a black lustre ground with deep red lustre inside, dating c1934.  The vase is 7.5" high and in superb condition. Black Carlton Script backstamp, pattern 3893.


Item ref CD.9/26 Another rarer Carlton Ware Deco pattern "Daisy" on an unusual deco shaped footed box. 4 3/4" by 3 3/4" by 2 1/2" high with black "script" backstamp and original paper label with the pattern no 3691.  The inside of the box is highly lustred with a flower head and leaves picked out. There is a very small professional restoration to the very edge of the inside lid rim which is extremely hard to detect (and cannot be seen outside) and does not detract from this beautiful piece.  Crazing consistent with age.


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Unusual handcraft Art Deco Carlton Ware cylindrical vase in the popular "Garden" pattern, no. 3390.  This pattern is usually seen in the lustre version and the Handcraft shows up the flower colours even better, the hand enamelling being very crisp and bright on a variegated  matt green ground.  The inner rim is decorated in blue & purple squiggles, whilst the outside rim picks up the darker green frieze. Height & width 4.5", Black Carlton Script backstamp with "Handcraft" printed in black.




Item ref CD.4/14 A Carlton Ware Ashtray in one of the rarer patterns "Bluebells" on a rouge ground.  Measures 4.5" square.  Black printed Script backstamp, pattern  no 3862.  


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One of the most beautiful of Carlton Ware's "best Wares",their art deco "Wagon Wheels on a mottled pink ground.  One of the sought after patterns and looking at this vase makes you realise why.  Stunning large roundel flowerheads of many colours with multi coloured leaves and gilt decoration.  The vase is a good size at 8" high and 5" at its widest point.  Pattern number 3813, Carlton script backstamp. 

PRICE 1,100



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This beautiful Carlton Ware unusual shaped large vase is in the rare "Nightingale" pattern, on a black and high lustre jade ground, which sets off the brightly coloured bird, tree, and foliage, enamelled & outlined in gilt.   It is 5 1/2" high by 5 1/2" wide. the neck being 4.4" diameter.  The inside of the vase has a "mother of pearl" finish with a gilt frieze.  It bears the black "script" backstamp, pattern o. 3562.

PRICE 645 

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Another very beautiful Carlton globular vase in the very "deco" pattern "Rosetta" on a matt ochre ground, the very bright flowerheads and foliage seeming to drip from the vase neck down to the gilt pattern at the base on a bright blue ground with orange and blue flowers.  The inside rim has a gilt freize with a matt black interior.  The vase is one of the larger versions measuring 6" high by nearly 6" wide, the case being 3.8" diameter. Bears the blue Carlton script backstamp, pattern no 3505.


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Another bright Art Deco Carlton Ware larger globular vase in the very Deco pattern "Parkland" on an a green matt ground.  The pattern is much brighter and more attractive than the photo, the gilt outlining the landscape design with organge and terracotta bordering the trees.oThe inside rim has a gilt freize with a matt black interior.   The vase is one of the larger versions measuring 6" high by nearly 6" wide, the case being 3.8" diameter. Bears the blue Carlton script backstamp, pattern no 3524.


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CD. 13/87

A medium sized unusual Carlton Ware Trumpet Vase on a powder blue ground in the
"Crested Grebe & Waterlilly pattern.
Mother of pearl interior  with gilt pattern.  6.3" high by 4.3" diameter at the flared rim.  RESTORED TO BASE
Carlton black script backstamp, pattern no 3529.


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This three legged shallow bowl displays well when turned on its side and is in the rare Rosetta pattern on a matt ochre ground, pattern no 2505.  The 3 support legs are all heavily guilded. [The glaze has a very minor slightly speckled effect on some of the ochre interior & parts of the exterior, mentioned for accuracy.] Just over 9.5" diameter x 3.5" high. Blue Carlton Ware Script backstamp & pattern no.

PRICE  195


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A massive Carlton Ware Ginger Jar, which really displays the bright enamelcolours and gilding of the foliage, flowers and treets of Mandarin Tree on a lemon ground. Good condition  
11" high x 38.25" widest diameter.  Black Carlton script backstamp. Psttern No 3919.

PRICE  500 

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Another of the Carllton Ware Deco pattern "Daisy" on an a bright green lustre ground on a Revo shaped shallow dish. 10 1/4" by 7 1/4" by 2" high with black "script" backstamp, pattern no 3691.

PRICE  150

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"Explosion and Butterfly" is probably one of the most vibrant "explosive" of Carlton Ware patterns.  Flooded in gilt with orange, blue and green enamelled highlights.  The explosion on the front and the butterflies on the rear.  6" high x 3.5" diameter,  black Carlton script backstamp, pattern no 3452.


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A very unusual and rare piece in a fairly rare Art Deco pattern!  A Carlton Ware Lantern, Night Light/Candle Holder in Geometrica, pattern no 3566.  This stunning piece is well decorated with a wavy "roof" decorated in coloured enamels & gilt.  Inside the "doorway" is a plain white china candle base, moulded into the whole holder.   Must have been a hard one to fire.   The piece is 6.5" height and 4.5 diameter.



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CD /H06

Another  very rare Carlton Ware deco pattern on a matt handcraft blue ground,  "Norwegian Flowers", showing the beautifully  simple flowers in varying bright colours with  gilt highlights.  3.5" high x 3.5" wide,  bllue script Carlton Ware backstamp, pattern no 3661.  



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An attractive Carlton Ware Temple Jar, which shape seems to suit this pattern well, Paradise Bird on a powder blue ground.   The butterflies, bird, trees & foliage are richly decorated in bright enamels with heavily outlined in gilt.  Stands 8" high with the black Carlton Crown backstamp, pattern 3155.



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Another lovely Carlton Ware Temple Jar, this time in the unusual Green Trees pattern showing the darker shaded tree and branches against a vivid green ground.  It  measures nearly 8" in height, shape number  244 and pattern number 3569.   Carlton black script backstamp, "Handcraft".



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A massive Carlton Ware Vase! Probably one of the largest sizes Carlton made! This shape large vase usually measures approximately 10-11".  This particular Carlton Ware vase comes in at a whopping 3" taller and wider!  It is nearly 7" wide with a neck diameter of 4.5".  The very beautiful "Bell" pattern on a mottled green matt ground, Pattern No 3786  Unfortunately no shape number so perhaps a specially made vase for a special occasion?   Blue Carlton Ware script backstamp.


PRICE 1,100

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Another Carlton Ware Baluster Vase, this time with the colourful Sketching Bird  pattern on a matt ochre ground, which makes the bright colourful of the bird's plumage and the foliage stand out. Pattern No 3786  Unfortunately no shape number so perhaps a specially made vase for a special occasion?   Blue Carlton Ware script backstamp.
6.5" high x 3.9" rim diameter.  Blue Carlton script backstamp.



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Another rare pattern!  Carlton Ware's Tubelined Tulip on a small deco dish.  Bright Green with pink tubelined flowers and various green shades of foliage, all tubelined in black.  7.25" diameter x 2.5" high.
Thid dish has been professionally restored, not noticeable as it has been well done and displays well.


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The most deco shaped of Carlton Ware's vases, but this one is much larger than the usual vase and, also, unusual, as it features "Bell" on a rich rouge ground.   It measures 5" in diameter x 3" high.   The vase measures a substantial 8" high x 4.5" wide, bears the black Carlton script backstamp, pattern no 3785, shape no. 777/8.




More of the deco shaped of Carlton Ware's vases, but this time in the more usual size, both in the "Egyptian Fan" pattern but the vase on the left in a much rarer powder blue ground and the right vase on a rich rouge ground.  Both vases are richly embellished with coloured enamels,gilt and freizes.   Each measures 6" high x 3.5" wide & both have the black Carlton script backstamp, pattern no 3696 for the blue and 4342 for the rouge.  Shape no. 777.


PRICE 650 Blue Vase       600 Rouge Vase

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A very Deco "Rita" shaped coffee can and saucer, but slightly larger than usual & with an extra "block" to the top of the handle, in shades of coffee & brown , similar pattern to Vertical Stripes without the stripes!            

PRICE 50.00